Testing the Incarnators

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Testing the Incarnators

Das Gespräch:
Technologist Frank Jobin: So, did you find it?
Cyberacid: I got the crystal that you asked for!
Technologist Frank Jobin: Good! Let me have a look at it then!
Technologist Frank Jobin: Thank you!

Now, the Incarnators are where we believe the Xan were able to create life by projecting the blueprint of a living being. We are able to do this even today, and we see no reason this is not the same way it was done before. In this crystal that you brought me I store the blueprint pattern, and then I infuse it with novictum, making it a novictalized notum crystal holding the information of the living being we would like to project. Are you ready to go and see what happens at the Incarnators then?

Cyberacid: I'm ready!
Technologist Frank Jobin: I have two different novictalized notum crystals for you. I would like you to take each of them to the Incarnators we have here in Scheol, and try them for yourself.

For the best experience, you should use the Immature Voidling crystal first. Please be prepared though, the life you call for might not be of the friendly kind.

Nun habt ihr 2 Prepared Notum Crystal bekommen

  • Prepared Notum Crystal with 'Immature Voidling'
  • Prepared Notum Crystal with 'Adolescent Voidling'

die ihr für diese Quest benötigt.

Incas testen

  • Beschreibung:
Testing the Incarnators

The Technologist Frank Jobin wanted you to try the crystal he prepared for you using a blueprint pattern and the source-filled crystal that you brought him.

Use the Prepared Notum Crystal with 'Immature Voidling' at the Incarnator
Use the Prepared Notum Crystal with 'Adolescent Voidling' at the Incarnator

NB! You MUST kill the Immature Voidling first. Be careful which crystal you use at this step.

  • als erstes gehts es zum 140er Incarnator (Waypoint). Dort spawnen wir 'Immature Voidling' Level 120.
  • danach geht es zum 160er Incarnator (neuer Waypoint). Dort spawnen wir 'Adolescent Voidling' Level 140.

Hinweis: Beim Spawnen verliert ihr keine HP mehr.

Sobald wir fertig sind, gehen wir zurück zu Technologist Frank Jobin und geben die Quest ab.


  • bis zu 570.000 XP, 500000 credits
  • Ancient device

Weiter gehts mit Find Dr. Hestiya


Für eure Mühe erhaltet ihr:

  • Geld: 500.000 credits
  • XP: XP Reward Angepasst an das Level eures Chars

Weiter mit Find Dr. Hestiya

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